Speaker List

photo of Arthur CrawfordArthur Crawford

Brigade Co-Captain Arthur Crawford is also a Technical Manager at Esri St Louis, working on remote sensing and production for the Esri World Topo Map.

photo of Brett Lord-CastilloBrett Lord-Castillo

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Open Data
  • Public Safety
  • Emergency Management Technology

Brett is a Geographic Information Systems Programmer for St. Louis County Emergency Management and a passionate advocate of the value of geography. Co-founder and former co-captain of OpenDataSTL, Brettfocuses on creating connections between local government and the tech community. Brett frequently uses


photo of Eleanot TuttEleanot Tutt

Eleanor is the Data Management Coordinator at Rise, a community development non-profit, where she manages, analyzes, and maps a wide variety of data for neighborhood leaders. She is a formar co-captain of OpenDataSTL, the organizer of maptimestl, and a former board member of OSM-US. Eleanor is an expert at navigating St. Louis public transit, and more than willing to serve as a tour guide for visitors interested microbreweries, architecture/urban planning, or “locals only” spots.


photo of Jason CharneyJason Charney

  • Public Transportation
  • Mental Health and Self Advocacy
  • Parcel Resources

Jason has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, has had an interest in maps ever since he was young, and participates in severl hackathon events in the St. Louis Area. He is currently working on his Hacktop (a Raspberry Pi powered laptop computer), Software Defined Radio, and looking for data sources to track delinquent properties listed under LLCs, resources for mental health, and finding ways to improve the local public transit system.


photo of Tara PhamTara Pham

  • Courts Project
  • Civic Technology