Beloved Community Conference

by Nehemiah Dacres

The interesting thing about the Beloved Community Conference was meeting the organizations cited in the report put together by the ferguson commision. It was like the report came alive. It was also a chance to engage with the people who were in motion, already taking action on the findings of the report.
The report codified what many already knew and lived for others to read. I can’t say who’s actions were inspired by the report and who’s were already in motion before the report was published. I applaud them for making the report into a website instead of a document to be filed away on someone’s hard drive because it was too long to read in one sitting.
It was indexed, tagged, well organized, and included stories from the communities and research. To contrast, look at the Draft of the NGA report on the environmental impact of building a new site in one of the proposed locations, a massive PDF with static maps and tables.

Written on November 1, 2015

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