by Nehemiah Dacres

Today is the day we announce our Build For STL challenges!

The Challenge will be to build any website mobile app, or program which promotes:

  • Improved Police-Citizen Relations

Example: Like a blog police departments can use to promote public events the department will be attending

  • Crime reduction

  • Personal Safety

Example: A phone app which, when triggered, immediately sends / saves pres-set data

(contacts, pictures, texts, etc…) to a retrievable locatoin in the cloud. Thus, a victim would

hopefully be less inclined to fight for his phone and endangering his ankles or his life.

Example: GPS tracking of the phone to a monitoring station and auto-forwarding of fingerprints of those possessing the stolen phone.

The prize here is that we will shop it around to local police departments to actually impliment and use this software or work with our entrepreneur enfrastructure to bring the product to market.

Written on November 11, 2016

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